The Human Canvas

The silhouettes of the human being were the first canvas with which she experimented. Galit Garzon discovers the power of emotions and the authentic essence of the human being through the colors provided by the soul of each individual she chooses as her muse, with both a physical and emotional interaction. Using her own two hands, Galit manages to paint the skin of her muses according to the energy she captures in each of them.

“The process of interaction with each of these individuals is completely spontaneous. I do not seek to connect them analytically, instead, I try to find in each of them the true essence that lives within their body.” The choice of composite colors on the skin is an intuitive decision that Galit makes when interacting with such individuals. 



The process of painting on the skin is an ephemeral experience, so Galit captures this palpable experience through her photography. Her final process is to print these portraits in relevant sizes and intervene on them with different means to achieve the same feeling of painting the soul on the skin. 


Garzon mentions that this project does not expire since the human being, his behavior, and the way we manifest ourselves is constantly evolving, which is why she is always developing new ideas for the ‘Human Canvas.’

Madrid, ES



©Galit Garzon Arts

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