Universal frequencies

“ These works represent the union between the melancholy of past times and the coming of a bright future.”

Galit presents a fantastic reality formed by the link between two different times by incorporating the past and the future into a timeless present. Important icons of the past appear in these pieces. Most of them are not physically with us, but their role was so impressive in society that we continue to feel their energetic presence in these times. 


We can see that this artist uses sepal shades to give presence to ancient times, and at the same time, it drives a wide range of vibrant colors and bright textures that demonstrate a hopefulness for what is to come. That is to say, it can be observed that the use of color refers to the illusion of a mythical future. 


Galit teaches us in her artist process that it is possible to explore intangible topics just by accessing our creativity. Like ‘The Human Canvas,’ this series shows the revelation of the soul and the power to discover our infinite imagination. 




Madrid, ES



©Galit Garzon Arts

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